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Deathfire - Guido Henkel's New Baby

by Myrthos, 2013-03-12 12:59:27

After the cancelled Thorvalla kickstarter Guido Henkel started working on something else; a RPG going with the temporary title Deathfire. The game is being designed in Unity and besides Guido two other persons are working on this game. One of them is Marian Arnold who worked on Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity and also did the artwork on the extensive strategy guide for Beyond Divinity of which I was one of the authors. The other is Thu-Lieu Pham who did the artwork for Thorvalla.
There is not much info on the game, but we will likely see more in the near future.

I’ve decided from the outset that I will be using Unity3D for the game. As you can tell from previous posts and some of my tweets, I have become a big Unity fan, as it puts all the right development tools at my disposal at a price point and level of quality that is unbeatable. The package has not let me down once so far – though I would like to say that 3D object import could be improved quite a bit.

Deathfire is using a first-person 3D role-playing environment, and I am glad that we can rely on the muscle of Unity to make sure that we do not have to limit ourselves because the technology can’t keep up. Unity may not be a bleeding edge engine, but it can sure play ball with the best of them, and the fact that it is so incredibly well thought-through, makes developing with Unity a lot of fun. More importantly, we can focus on creating the game, instead of the technology to run it on.

I know, you may have a lot of questions now, about the game. What, when, where, how… I’ll get to all that some time later down the line. For now, however, I simply want you to let the info sink in, and hopefully you’ll be as excited as we are. Visit this blog regularly. I plan on sharing more of Deathfire with you as time goes on. In fact, after some deliberation, I’ve decided that I will cover the development process like a production diary of sorts, right here on my blog. And also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@GuidoHenkel) for a constant vibe-meter as to what I am up to.

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