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Expeditions: Conquistador - Review @ Invision Community

by Myrthos, 2013-03-12 23:15:30

With a rating of 4 out of 5 Invision Community reviewed Expeditions: Conquistador.

Combat is always tricky. If you actually loose a fight, the enemy takes advantage and raids your supplies and injures (or kills) members of your camp. Experience is rewarded by progressing through quests and not from winning battles, so the risks associated with fighting are not always worth the rewards. As combat has large implications on exploration, it should never be undertaken easily. The fighting Is well designed, but simple and has been crafted in such a way that its extremely difficult, risky an always meaningful. Each member of your team is a cog in a larger machine and is vital, so putting one at rick is never something to be taken lightly. As each member has different skills necessary for exploration and balancing resources, even characters that do not fight can contribute to camp.

Also each of the characters in your party have different personalities so they stick out instead of being back characters to the main protagonist. When starting the game, the player is not just choosing from the best stats of each player but also choosing a backstory as each member comes with a well written narrative and explains why they want to explore the new world. Each character has a nice big oil painting of them, which is a cool feature. Moreover, they also have three personality traits each such as peaceful, greedy, adventurous and so on which makes the game feel quite Neverwinter Nights esq. These effect the way they will react to your decisions and they may go up or down depending on the choices which you make throughout the game.

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