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Sui Generis - Update #18 - Development Update

by Myrthos, 2013-03-14 12:11:15

Kostaz informed us we missed the development update of Sui Generis from last week. Next to the development update they also mention moving to a new location.

Nothing is more important than populating the world with diverse characters. The physique and inventory system we talked about in previous updates will accomplish this and implement many of the game's most important features.

We had to revise our initial design as it proved impractical, the assets we had also proved unsuitable. We now have a functional system, much higher quality models and have made various improvements to how they work in game.

The revised system uses a square physique graph where the two axes represent muscularity and fat. We had to use significantly more morph targets than we planned but we now have the full range of physiques for both male female characters with excellent results. Here are some examples of different physiques outputted by the completed system.

Click on the link to actually see those examples.

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