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Blackguards - Interview @ Riotpixels

by Myrthos, 2013-03-21 17:10:41

RiotPixels interviewed Florian Pett on the just announced strategy-RPG hybrid Blackguards.

RP: Are there any crossovers with Daedalic’s adventure games based on The Dark Eye? How is it related, timeline- and geography-wise, to other recent TDE games, like Drakensang?

FP: It is completely independent from our adventure game. While it does take place on the same continent, the locations in this game are radically different and take place in a more Mediterranean-like setting. The timeline-relation to Chains of Satinav is really irrelevant because of this. Taking place in the Horas Empire of Aventuria, Blackguards is also set far away from anywhere Drakensang took place.

RP: What is the structure of the game’s campaign? What is there to do between battles? How do we travel around the world?

FP: The campaign is played out in five acts, each of which tells a different part of the story and allows access to a different part of the world. The player’s group travels around the world on a world-map with a network of roads and ways leading from place to place with a chance of random encounters along the roads and at plot-relevant locations. The player can also visit cities or villages and interact with NPCs by ways of talking and trading equipment etc. once they have reached a location that isn’t a purely violent encounter.


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