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Trial by Magic - Interview with Paul Turbett

by Myrthos, 2013-03-25 11:47:58

Digitally Downloaded have interviewed Australian indie developer Paul Turbett on his plans to do a re-make of the DOS game Trial by Magic and the failure of his most recent game in the App store.

DD: Trial By Magic is a remake of an old DOS game. Firstly, we love DOS RPGs! Secondly, how are you updating the game for the modern audience?
PT: There are three main areas.

First, the controls. I've played the old Trial By Magic in a DOS emulator recently, and the control scheme and UI are hard work for the player. The whole area of Human Machine Interface has advanced a lot in the last 15 years, so how the player interacts with the game needs to be modernised.

Next is the production values. Obviously there have been advances in graphics technology since 1993 (like for example 3D graphics cards!). So instead of sprites, the game will be all 3D models, with modern lighting, particle effects, etc.

Then there are the game systems, like combat and magic. There is still a lot to do here, but the core RPG systems will get an overhaul. The intention is to update the systems to be modern whilst providing a "classic" RPG experience. One thing we are doing that I’m really excited about is switching to a classless system. You character will start off as a “blank slate”, and the character you become will be based on your actions in the game, not an arbitrary choice made before you even start playing.

There are probably other changes, such as an improved and better integrated story, maybe some online features, but those are the main things.

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