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Wasteland 2 - Update #27, Development Update

by Myrthos, 2013-03-25 14:31:39

In a development update for Wasteland 2 some information is given on their next big milestone: having all level geometry blocked in and all encounters and interactions scripted. Additionally a status update is given on the experiment they are doing with the Unity asset store. And they are providing info on t-shirts, a novella, repeating that the Torment Kickstarter will not influence the Wasteland 2 development and the M.A.D. monks, which we provided an artwork image for over a week ago.

In southern Arizona there are a group of monks that are part of an offshoot of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud cult from Wasteland 1. These monks worship radiation itself, which they refer to as the Great Glow, as well as their hidden guardian whom the refer to only as Titan. It is the Monks belief that the only way to ascend to the afterlife is to absorb enough radiation into their bodies that they become one with the Great Glow, or better yet, to be destroyed in a nuclear event while protecting the order. This leads their warriors, or M.A.D. Monks as the locals refer to them, to the practice of strapping radiation filled dirty bombs to their chests and self-detonating at the first sign of conflict. The M.A.D. in M.A.D. Monk refers to Mutually Assured Destruction, and if you get too close to them you will find out why.

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