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Kickstarter - Pixelry, A Jousting RPG

by Myrthos, 2013-03-25 17:51:44

The devs of Pixelry let us know of their Kickstarter for their jousting-focused medieval RPG, a game that likes to show its pixels. They are currently at 1,800 pound out of an asked 25K. It has an alpha version available to check the game out.

Hopefully you're already familiar with Pixelry, but if you aren't then all you need to know is that it's a jousting-focused medieval RPG. The version that's been available during alphafunding is now being referred to as Pixelry Classic, and that contains a few mini-games to play, the King's tournament to compete in and some customization options to your heraldry and horse. That version is no longer on sale.

What we're now working on is the full version of Pixelry as intended, and this is what will be known as Pixelry Champions. It is this that we are seeking funding for, as Pixelry Champions will have many extra features and needs lots of polish.

Reaching our goal of £23,000 will mean that we can work on the game full time and add the following features to the Pixelry experience:

  • Better sound system. 
  • Choose gender: Male - Female. 
  • Fix resolutions. 
  • New room transitions. 
  • Implement the use of the mouse on the UI and add hotkeys to different places. 
  • Animations, ambience, particles, give more life to the world. 
  • New music and sound effects. 
  • Better RPG aspects and combat system of the game.
  • Detailed inventory system with more options, items and better implementation on the combat strategies. 
  • Enhanced UI with universal mouse support with simple drag & drop system 
  • Better enemies and more difficulties and leagues. 
  • Calendar with special events or minigames. 
  • Item offers and different incentives and challenges.

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