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Mass Effect 3 - Retrospetive for ME Series at PAX East 2013, Statistics for ME3

by Aries100, 2013-03-29 14:26:14

Bioware has uploaded their ME series retrospective panel held at PAX East 2013 to youtube.
You can meet Lead designer Preston Watamaniuk, lead cinematics director Parrish Ley, level designer Dusty Everman, writer John Dombrow and executive producer Casey Hudson and hear the statements and opinions on the ME series.  You can watch the retrospective panel here.

Kotaku has some statistics for ME3, being revealed at the same retrospective panel mentioned above. The most important news seems to be that about 82% played as male while 18% played 18% as female, and 64% played as Paragon while 36% played as Renegade. You can watch the statitics from Kotaku here.


Source: GameBanshee

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