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Original Sin - Update #1, Editor, Add-ons and Translations

by Myrthos, 2013-03-29 15:10:59

The first update for the Divinity: Original Sin update is online and it brings us more information on the editor with a video showing more details.

Furthermore they now offer the opportunity to update your pledge.

On popular demand, we have decided to enable backers to tailor their reward tier.

How do you do this? You add one (or more) of the following amounts to your pledge and you keep your selected reward tier. If (think positive: when!) this Kickstarter is successful, we will contact you so that you can specify what add-on(s) you wish to receive. We may add stuff to this list if the comments demand it so ;-)

Digital add-ons require a base pledge of $25. Physical add-ons require a physical tier (starting at $65).

Digital add-ons

Divine Divinity (our first Divinity game from 2002) Digital Version : add $5
Digital Artbook featuring the Art of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
Digital Map of the World of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
Digital Soundtrack of Divinity Original Sin: add $10
Extra Digital Copy of Divinity Original Sin : add $20
Beta Access for Divinity Original Sin : add $20
Alpha Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $50

Physical add-ons

T-Shirt of Divinity Original Sin : add $25
An Extra Box Copy with Printed Manual of Divinity Original : add $40

And they have provided a translation of the Kickstarter information in French, Polish, German and Russian.

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