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Original Sin - Update #3, FAQ

by Myrthos, 2013-03-31 13:07:16

The first part of the FAQ for Divinity Original Sin has been made available on their Kickstarter page, which explains amongst others these:

Can I back this with PayPal?

We are working on this. It's not difficult to do, but we want to wait a bit because the pledges through PayPal do not count in our Kickstarter total. And we need to figure out the more logistic way of handling the rewards done through PayPal.

Shipping outside US? I thought you were from Belgium? That's Europe!

Yes, but we're on the US Kickstarter, and the only options we have, are "No Shipping", "US Shipping", and "Non-US Shipping". We are looking into a solution for this. If we can organize shipping within Europe, and the costs are lowered, we will change that.

Do monsters level up or become stronger the bigger your party is?

No. Monsters do not scale to your level. If you are level 1 and you see a level 10 monster: run. If you are trying to take on 10 monsters all by yourself while the rest of your party is somewhere else: good luck. Combat is balanced against a party.

If you want to try it with one party member, and succeed, you'll get all the XP. (Total XP is shared over the party.)

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