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Worlds of Magic - A Classic 4X Fantasy Game

by Myrthos, 2013-04-05 12:03:59

Not an RPG so we probably won't follow it that much, but the Kickstarter for Worlds of Magic claims it follows the footsteps of MicroProse's Master of Magic and there should be some interest for such a game here.

Primary gameplay takes place on the world map. From there you can move your armies to explore new territory, defend key positions or attack your enemies. You can gain control of additional cities by conquering them or founding new ones yourself. You manage the cities under your control, building new buildings to improve them, dedicating your work force to one task or another, and creating new military units. Your armies can be made up of units you've trained, heroes and mercenaries you've hired, and even powerful summoned creatures. When two enemy armies collide gameplay is moved to the tactical battle map where combat is played out turn by turn. During gameplay you will also reasearch new spells, manage your economy, and deal with diplomatic situations all in an attempt to gain supreme control of the universe.

Worlds of Magic will not only seek to capture the charm of the timeless classic that serves as its inspiration, but also go beyond it in a number of areas.

  • 10 Leaders To Choose From (Or Create Your Own)
  • 6 Factions To Rule Over
  • 80 Units To Use In Battle
  • 12 Spell Circles
  • 300 Spells To Learn And Master
  • 7 Planes To Explore And Conquer
  • 45 Special Units (Heroes, Champions, and Titans)

Thanks Von Paulus and Mark.

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