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Shroud of the Avatar - Updates 23 & 24

by Woges, 2013-04-07 12:14:51

With four hours to go there are a  few updates for RG's Kickstarter; one update with property and another with concept art and videos. Update 23:

FINAL DAY BONUS REWARDS: Waterfront Property, Island Castles, Custom Avatars, Collector’s Edition Story of Mondain, & More!

We're down to less than 20 hours to go for our Kickstarter campaign, and we need everyone's help for our last big push! We're adding even more bonus rewards that make for some juicy upgrades!

Waterfront! Waterfront! Waterfront! Houseboats, House Ships, Lighthouses, and Even Island Castles! Yeah Baby!!!

You asked for it, and here it is: we've added waterfront property options to villages, towns, and cities, allowing you to live on houseboats, ships, and islands! Oh yeah!

We received feedback that the Baron 2 tier is priced too high compared to the Baron 1 tier, so we're juicing up the rewards for the Baron 2's! Now you get a huge, double-decker Galleon to moor on your waterfront property, and you'll be the talk of the town when everyone sees the uniquely glorious crown perched proudly atop your avatar's head!

Update 24:

The Final Countdown, a Chat with Chris Roberts, and Lord Blackthorn!

We are in hour 10 of our 24 hour sit-in here at the Portalarium offices and we are so very humbled by your continued support and feedback!  If you haven’t swung by the Kickstarter page lately, we are hosting a continuous LIVE Dev Cam as we count down the final moments of the campaign with you, our community!

We also have some new Concept Art and special videos to share with you!

The Forgotten City: New Concept Art by Stephen Daniele 

In the arid lands to the East lies a forgotten city filled with magic and wonder.  A place where few venture and even less return.  Are you ready to accept the risk for the chance of reward?

A Forgotten City

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