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Bloom - Update #7, Adding Depth Through Music

by Myrthos, 2013-04-07 23:50:17

Here is update number 7 of Bloom (currently $19K of an asked $50K, with 11 days to go), which is about the depth music adds to the game.

Last time we went over a bit of the evolving visual art behind Bloom, so this time it seemed fitting to cover a bit of the music. We strongly feel games are about the entire experience and music definitely offers some amazing opportunities.

We touched pretty briefly on this on the main page, but basically our goal is to use the music to reinforce the narrative of the game on a subtle (though substantial) level. 

In order to accomplish this our composer, Jose Mora-Jimenez, works closely with me while we move step by step through the story in the game. We then break down the feelings and narrative at that point and Jose interprets this into music using different instruments to represent the various actors in the game.

There are some samples of music to listen to when you hit the link.

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