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Original Sin - Update #10, Kickstarter Funded

by Myrthos, 2013-04-09 17:39:36

The Kickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin has been funded. In honor of that here is a big thank you from Larian Studios.

And from that video it looks like we are going to have weresheep in it.

Also Bellegar (from Divinity 2) might make a reappearance in Original Sin. For every 1000 likes on their Facebook page one encounter with him will be added in the game.

There’s been a lot of demand and a lot of rhyming to summon Bellegar and he let us know that he’s not insensitive to your prayers. But this is Bellegar, right, so nothing comes easy. 

He sent us this message: 

 Divinity fans, rise and cheer For Bellegar shall soon appear! 

Yet, my friends, when push comes to shove First I'll want a little love! 

So 'Like' me on my facebook page

 And everybody's favourite mage 

Will soon arrive on the glorious stage! 

For each and every thousand likes, 

I'll cheer and clap and yell out 'Yikes!', 

And to your great, your utter delight 

Brighten the day by stepping in sight, 

For no greater joys or pleasures there are 

Than meeting the mighty Bellegar! 

Yes, Bellegar now works (interim he assures us) at a social media marketing firm and yes, he's indeed shamelessly looking for more likes on his Facebook page. So his deal is that for every 1000 Facebook likes, we can add an extra encounter with the might Bellegar to the game! What are you waiting for? Share, like, invite, you know the drill.

Also Paypal is available now, it will come to Mac and Linux and there are some new rewards and add-ons.

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