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TopWare Interactive - Raven's Cry Release Date Announced

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-09 19:42:28

Hello my fellow watchers. This will be my first time posting news on Rpgwatch. I want to thank Myrthos. I look forward to bringing you new news everday.Cool Now on to my first post.

Topware brings news that there Adventure/RPG game Raven's Cry finally has a release date. The release date is set for October 24, 2013

Raven’s Cry is a dark action-adventure that will challenge the image of pirates in popular culture. Game events are seamlessly interwoven with historical ones to create an authentic, thrilling narrative. The game begins when Christopher Raven embarks on his vengeful quest to track down and kill the men who murdered his family.

• Action adventure set in a dark re-imagining of the pirate-plagued Caribbean.
• Engage in fiercely tactical melee combat with an historical, authentic pirate-hunting arsenal.
• Player choice will have grave consequences on the outcome of the story- will you become a righteous seeker of renegade justice, or a conscienceless man whose ends justify his means?
• Utilize special combat abilities like Fear Power and cursed Voodoo Charms to overcome and dominate your foes.
• Challenge a memorable cast of villains to brutal, heart-pounding duels to the death as you seek your vengeance.

Their webpage can be found here.

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