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Legends of Eisenwald - Update #34, Delayed to September

by Myrthos, 2013-04-10 11:44:42

In a lengthy post on the Kickstarter page for Legends of Eisenwald it is explained that the game is being delayed until September and the reasons behind this decision.

Delay and reasons 

Those of you who have access to beta probably already know that delay is inevitable judging by the state of the game now. We could have taken a “quick and dirty” approach and released our game in somewhat workable state, but we don’t think anyone would appreciate that. Also, this approach can pretty much ruin everything we worked for. Therefore, after looking at our schedule, at things that remain to be done, we think a realistic date to release our game will be sometime in September. 

How did we end up in this situation 

When last year we came out to Kickstarter, we really thought that having brought our game to alpha means that not many things were left to do. Core mechanics were in place and we thought all the “niceties” such as hints and tooltips would take much less time to implement. The only experience we had was based on development of our first title, Discord Times. However, that game was much simpler in terms of gameplay and user interface (UI), so our estimate was wrong. As you know, we only managed to get out early beta in November and that early beta could have been called by some the late alpha. 

In November we got optimistic again and thought that now we can finish things until April and that’s why when we came to Greenlight, we set April as our target month. But again, it’s April now and our game is still not finished, even though much closer now. But this time reasons are a bit different than just a bad estimate. What took too much time was testing gameplay and making sure that certain things work, especially in combat, because it’s brand new combat system. Also, we experimented with hits system and ended up with something completely different. You saw already version 1 where hits were not restored, there was version 2 where hits restored but characters received wounds and that was not the last version it seems, the final one will contain both approaches since each system on their own proved to have some disadvantages.

Thanks Memling.

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