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Shadowrun Returns - Lots of Information

by Myrthos, 2013-04-10 12:42:37

Lots of information about Backer Rewards, distribution plans, pre-orders, and more can be fofund for Shadowrun Returns.

 When do I get my rewards? 

  • Your DIGITAL rewards (the game, the editor, the wallpaper, special ability, the soundtrack, the short story anthology PDF, etc) will all be available on the Harebrained Account Website on launch day
  • Your PHYSICAL rewards (the t-shirts, the DocWagon cards, the hardcover short story anthology, the USB dog tags, the deluxe box edition (which contains a bunch of stuff), will ship about 3 weeks after launch day. (We’ll explain why below.) 
  • People who pre-ordered the Shadowrun Returns Deluxe and Collector’s Editions will get their digital and physical goodies in the same timeframe as above. (And will download their digital goodies from the Harebrained Account Website too.)
  • Early access to the Shadowrun Returns EDITOR will be available to eligible Backers at the end of April
  • Backers eligible to have their photo turned into an NPC or CUSTOM PC have already been contacted and work has already begun!

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Shadowrun Returns

SP/MP: Single-player
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