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Dark Messiah: Preview @ Boomtown

by Dhruin, 2006-10-05 00:54:00
Boomtown is the latest site to serve up a <a href="http://pc.boomtown.net/en_uk/articles/art.view.php?id=12537" target="_blank">preview</a> of Dark Messiah:<blockquote><em>Once I was through the training tutorial, the real meat of the feast was unveiled as the opportunity of combat with multiple enemies arose, and instead of words of criticism, I just dribbled on myself and muttered incoherently. Wow is all that can be said in retrospect. Arkane Studios has created one of finest melee combat systems I have ever seen in a game of this nature. Every hack, every slash and every stab is delivered with astonishing grace but with the satisfaction of evident impact. Quick clicks of the LMB administer fast but minimal damaging slashes, but if the button is held down your sword retracts slightly off-screen to build up power before unleashing a mixture of stabs and hacks a  depending on which directional button is depressed upon holding down the LMB. Naturally, each is accompanied by spurts of crimson liquid emanating from your foe.</em></blockquote>

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