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Bloom - Update #8, Answering Questions

by Myrthos, 2013-04-11 11:57:27

In the eigth update for the Bloom Kickstarter, some questions are answered. Next to linkin to ours and Jace Hall's interviews, two more questions are answered. One on choices in the game and one on platforms:

What’s the deal with platforms??

Basically the situation with the platforms is this. For the initial release (day 1), we plan to release the game on PC and Mac (simply because distributing on steam and giving downloadable links is the easiest and lowest cost for us).

After that, we plan to continue forward with additional platform support (eventually hitting all of the major platforms from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Android ~Ouya~, and Linux). This isn't the type of game that can be played on a phone, but a tablet version should be doable and something we have yet to explore (since the way we are making the game is very flexible and light, pretty sure it will be ok). We have actually already begun chatting with Microsoft and Sony, so as we move forward we will be lining everything up to get out to additional platforms as soon as possible.

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