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Kickstarter - The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Update #9

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-12 19:45:35

Cancelled RPG kickstarter The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death has another update . It's called "Why we can deliver a good and deep story".

Before sharing the vision doc next week with you guys, I want to share some thoughts on a topic that greatly affects the new take on the game. I am talking about the story.

The initial vision for the story on TDT was including well-known elements from a standard high fantasy setting. This would allow us to have more time to develop the dialogues, as people already know how elves, dwarves or orks are supposed to behave.

 One of the issues that we had was that the plot for the story was initially written with a lesser scope in mind. But now the game has evolved in many senses, and keeping the same story would be limiting ourselves too much and we wouldn't deliver the best possible experience. We are aware that we can't aim at the moon, we are not Bioware or Obsidian, but we definitely trust that we can deliver something really good. I'm fully convinced of it.

 Another issue we had was the language. It's difficult for us to write the story and dialogues directly in English. Our lack of a proficient command of the English language meant that we were losing many nuances and subtleties inherent to the language, and that meant that we couldn't convey or instill enough richness to the characters and situations. 

 As we told in a previous post update, we will now write the story and dialogues in Spanish, as it's our native language. This will allow us two things: conveying this lost richness due to our lack of a proficient knowledge of the English language and be 20 times much faster. We will then send all the texts to a professional English native translator specialized in literature to ensure this richness is not lost along the way. We think this is key for the success of the game, besides taking care of the other systems of course, like combat, non-combat skills or the new factions system. 

 Why this focus on the story won't affect other game systems? 

 First, because we can now deliver a great amount of text ensuring the quality doesn't diminish. I will write the most part of the story, but Miguel will also help me. We both have been writing stories since we were children, so we've developed a good sense of what it takes to develop a good plot and characters to make the story engaging an inmersive enough - this doesn't mean we don't see this as easy-peasy, Lord forgive me!-. Also, with your help during the beta stage, we can iron out things that need to be modified and suit best to the story. We also have the chance to get the help of some mates that have written and published some stories, and the best of all, we are all long-time CRPG players, which makes things easier! 

 Also, in this case we, as cofounders, will take charge of the writing, and this means no additional budget costs to be spend on the texts besides the translations. I hope this makes sense to you guys. Anyways, all the texts we will share with you regarding the story, the Vision Doc, etc will be already translated in English, no worries for that! =)

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