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C-Wars - A Roguelike Pixel Art Game

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-14 10:36:34

Onipunks a China based developer has just started their kickstarter called C-Wars. They already have two updates and the project is half funded.

What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!

We love apocalyptic themes (not in real life, of course!), and have been thinking about the best way to integrate themes of desperation, chaos, and hope into one game. This isn’t just about simple storytelling or displaying a crisis in front of you; it’s our invitation to you to enter into and interact with this world.

C-Wars is a roguelike game. Its gameplay allows you to explore this cyberpunk apocalypse in your own way. 

Roguelike is retro but not old fashioned, especially when embedded with an original combat system.

In addition to the numerous special/random encounters commonly seen in a regular roguelike game, we’ve spent a large amount of time creating this unique combat system, which follows an RTS spirit with an ARPG essence. Our goal is to amplify units collaboration and micromanagement.

It's a magnificent combination of retro-style visuals and innovative gameplay.


A global nuclear war reset humankind, and Luna base became the final outpost of civilization. 150 years later, Alpha, the largest Luna city, was infected by Crystal mutants. Despite all the precautions taken, the infection broke the quarantine barrier and hit Delta City.

Luna Council decided to use tactical nuclear weapons to terminate the two cites. You, as Sector 7's field commander, must enter these infected areas and find out the truth before it's too late. Your decisions in the game will determine Luna's fate.

They also have an alpha version to try.

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