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Original Sin - Update #14 , Stretch goal ahoy, Designer Talk, Join the Forums

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-14 14:45:46

Larian is back with update #14 for Original Sin. It includes talk about new stretch goals, designer talk, and there forums. 

It's Sunday and the sun is finally shining here. What better way to start the day than a small Divinity:Original Sin update?

With a bit of extra support, it looks like we may make our very first stretch goal today!

In case you missed out on the description of our first stretch goal - The Shelter Plane At The End of Time – here are 3 out of at least 7 reasons why you want us to make this: 

  • The Transcript of Unravelled Destinies: See what consequences your actions have on the future of Rivellon, while you’re playing. 
  • The Coffers That Have No Bottoms: You can pretty much pick up anything that looks like it can be picked up in Divinity:Original Sin. Now you’ll have a place where you can store it all. 
  • Secrets Galore: There are some really juicy secrets to be found on the Shelter Plane. It would be a pity if they remain secret. Maybe you’ll even discover whatever happened to this fellow

A lot of people underestimate the impact of their comments in our forums. We often involve forum posts in our discussions at Larian, and it’s fair to say that several of the better features in our games were born from forum discussions and many more features were improved as a direct consequence of a post there. We also love getting feedback - it makes us better at our jobs.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to participate in the discussions on the Divinity: Original Sin forums. These forums are the place where discussions are going to continue post-Kickstarter and they are visited daily by many developers at Larian. 

Drop a note on the forums if you have an idea for something you’d really like to see in Divinity: Original Sin. You might be surprised at our willingness to pick it up.

And of course here is the Designer Talk Video.

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