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Lex Laser Saves The Galaxy, Again - Starting on Kickstarter

by Myrthos, 2013-04-15 14:50:19

A sci-fi tactical puzzle RPG for busy people is what the team behind Lex Laser Saves The Galaxy, Again is saying about their game that has just gone live on Kickstarter.

Between missions, you can use the various technological items and alien artifacts you have found to improve your arsenal. You won't have to guess at recipes, though. Lex Laser is a top-notch technician, and can stick almost any mod onto any weapon.

For example, the Orthobarrel mod might add a second projectile to every shot from a gun, but always 90 degrees to the right of the main shot, and the gun will take twice as much ammo per shot. Stack the Explosive Ammo on top of that, and you can turn your simple pistol into a mini-multi-grenade launcher. That's fantastic until you find yourself in a museum filled with fragile crystal sculptures - then you might want to go back to the base model.

You might also find (or build) sensors, such as a tactical readout that predicts enemy actions, or a life detector that can give you hints about where to go to rescue that last refugee.

This equipment mechanic is the primary way Lex Laser improves as the game goes on, so a little creativity here can go a long way.

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