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Grim Dawn - Misadventures #19

by Myrthos, 2013-04-16 00:20:10

Grim misadventures #19 is online and talks about focus items.

We have a special treat for you today from our artists, but first we would like to introduce you to our Focus items.

Focus items are off-hand only implements intended for the sorcerers at heart. Through them, you will channel forbidden powers capable of tearing apart the toughest foe. Unlike shields though, they provide no defenses.

Focus items come in two styles, the tomes for a more refined spellcaster and the savage implements of forbidden arts. Both types of Focus items provide a set amount of cooldown reduction, but where they differ is in their base energy regeneration. Whereas tomes provide flat bonuses, savage Foci give a percent bonus. Which one benefits you more will depend entirely on you gear preferences. One thing is certain though: the most powerful spellcasters will want a combination of Weapon and Focus for the largest bonuses to their preferred damage types.

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