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Witcher 3 - Interview with Marek Ziemak

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-16 20:22:16

Softpedia has an interview with Mark Ziemak the Gameplay Director of Witcher 3. The article discusses various topics of the game.

Softpedia: Will The Witcher 3 close all narrative threads for the series or will mystery persist in some instances?

Marek Ziemak: You’re asking us about the ending of the game. That’s called a major spoiler. We can just tell you that there are 36 different possible world states at the conclusion The Witcher 3. These endings are preceded by 3 different epilogue sequences.

Softpedia: The game is supposed to be more open than ever. How big will the consequences be for player choices?

Marek Ziemak: The game world is open – you can go anywhere you want from the beginning. In scale it will be 35 times bigger than the whole Witcher 2.

As for consequences, creating choices which result in world-changing events were always our focus. This won’t change in an open world. Every action the player takes will have its consequences and the world will not be a dead one but an interactive place in which you will be able to affect everyone and everything.

Softpedia: How will the game deal with those who are newcomers to the series and lack the lore info that veterans discovered in the first two titles in the series?

Marek Ziemak: The Wild Hunt is a separate tale and doesn’t require the player to be familiar with previous installments of the franchise or the books. Veterans will mostly find some old friends, but newcomers won’t feel alienated by these reunions. We’re also working on a new tutorial system that will allow all new players to more smoothly immerse themselves into the games world. This will definitely change the learning curve so all new players will enjoy the game from the very beginning, slowly learning all the basics and more advanced options.

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