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Bloom - Update #9, Unwavering Dedication

by Myrthos, 2013-04-17 08:56:46

With 38 hours to go and a $17K gap between where they are now with the Bloom Kickstarter and their goal of $50K a new update is presented on the dedication of the team to finish the game. They have been picking up some steam over the last week, so it isn't entirely impossible.

Basically, we are pretty passionate about what we are doing. It was actually pretty obvious before we even started that indie development was an uphill battle, especially if you are trying to do a project that takes more than a few months (and especially if you are relatively unknown)! We knew trying to go further with art, story, game play, and even music as a tiny indie team with no resources would be a pretty rocky path .. .but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. ;)

We want to assure everyone that our commitment to this project and seeing Bloom through to release isn’t dependent on this campaign (though, it would definitely make things a little smoother!). At the end of the day we believe in what we are doing as developers, as artists, and as gamers. So, when bumps appear in the road (of which I’m sure there will be plenty along the road), it is our unwavering dedication that forces us to find a way over them.


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