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Planet Explorers - Update #11 & 12, Let's Talk About the Player Character

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-17 20:50:23

Planet Explorers has two new updates on there kickstarter. The updates gives informaion on the player character, and mentions the game has been greenlighted on Steam.

Hey everyone, we're still moving at a pretty nice clip, we'll probably end up at $120,000+ for the entire KS. Thanks for your support! On Greenlight we're now at #21 with a littler over 40,000 "yes" votes. We're find out in a few hours if we made it in this round of Greenlit titles, if not, we're set for next time in late May.

A little update on Linux, we have it working in the office! Crash free! But, only for the Nvidia cards...AMD cards still have problems. Sigh.

Today, we'll take a look at some of the new things coming to the player character for a0.6. There will be (at least) 5 more new armor sets for both female and male, we're moving to more modern designs for some of the armor. We're also adding in a lot more hair selections and a couple of facial selections. We're also changing the female and male models a little bit so that they look more like the NPC character style (smaller eyes), a bit more realistic.

We will probably reinstate the character editor, now with a new morph target system. What it means is that we can keep the current model efficiency (with less than 60 bones), but allowing for facial editing and body editing. The facial editing will allow for a lot of changes and will look pretty good, but the body editing will be a lot less robust than what we had before (the model used 190 bones before) which used bones to do the character editing. Finally, we will be adding in the character save feature so you can load a character in the editor before a game starts.

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