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Telepath Tactics - Update # 11 & 12

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-18 00:43:52

Telepath Tactics has two more updates for there kickstarter. First lets give them congratulations for being funded.

Telepath Tactics funded!

I couldn't have asked for a better result, really. I'm exceptionally grateful for all the support you guys have shown, and I'm looking forward to getting this game done for you!

I've had several requests for a way to contribute now that the Kickstarter campaign is done; I'm going to set up a system using BMT Micro (which accepts Paypal) over on the Sinister Design website. When that is up and running, I'll let everyone know.

I'm going to send out the first batch of backer rewards over the next few weeks. (Among other things, I still have a few more changes I want to make to the game before I send it out to early access backers.) Keep an eye on your email, folks!

And the next update.

 "When will I be charged?"

Hey guys! Here's a quick update on why you haven't been charged for your pledge yet.

Ordinarily, Kickstarter pledges are charged as soon as a campaign ends successfully. However, people were reporting that they hadn't been charged, so I called up Amazon Payments yesterday evening to find out if there was a problem. An Amazon rep confirmed to me that a bug had screwed things up on their end; he assured me that they're working to fix it right now, and I should be getting an email from them later today or tomorrow.

Earlier today, Kickstarter's Head of Community Cindy Au was nice enough to contact them herself and confirm that that is indeed what happened; she says the bug should be fixed within a couple of days.

So, long story short: if you haven't been charged yet for your pledge, don't worry! Amazon will make that happen within the next few days. Just make sure to leave enough money in your account so the pledge goes through; I'd hate for any of you to get hit with overdraft charges!

As for me, I'll be posting updates in the comments section if there are any new developments. Thanks for your patience!


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