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Deathfire - Eurogamer Preview

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-18 11:58:27

EuroGamer has a new article on Deathfire.

Deathfire will be a "stepped" role-playing game, which means there won't be any open world exploration but rather a directed, linear route through.

"Our intentions are to push the envelope on what has been done with stepped role-playing games in the past. I feel that there is a huge untapped potential how that gaming experience can be enhanced," he wrote.

"Think of it this way, if there's an earthquake, in most stepped genre games you would see the screen shake and that's about it. In the case of Deathfire, I want this to become a much more gripping event where you will see rocks shake loose, where dust clouds will form and debris will rain down from the ceiling. Characters will react to it, voice their disapproval and fear, based on their stats, or urge the others to move along before everything caves in. On the whole, I want it to become an experience that is every bit as vibrant and alive as it is dangerous and adventurous."

Henkel has already shared Deathfire's character generation and progression ideas. There are 34 character traits broken into the categories Resistances, Body Skills, Nature Skills, Craftsmanship, Mental Skills and, interestingly, Negative Attributes. The latter can be things like a volatile Temper, Fear of Heights, Arachophobia, Greed, Superstition an Pessimism. There are Magic Abilities, too.

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