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Original Sin - Update # 19 Looking Back Already, And Looking Forward

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-19 19:38:19

Larain has posted another update on their kickstarter Original Sin.


What an exciting couple of weeks we've been having. We've been telling a couple of journalists, that didn't believe us, that we had no idea if this campaign would even reach its goal. "Oh come on," they said. "You're just in it for the stretchgoals. Everyone takes half of what they actually want as a funding goal!"

Well we didn't. We were really amazed to reach our goal so fast, and happy to reach our first stretchgoal.

The success of this Kickstarter does give us a morale boost. It tells us that we're making something that people are looking forward to, and are supportive of.

In his blog, Swen looks back on the past couple of weeks of running a Kickstarter campaign, and what we have learned from this.

Read it here: http://www.lar.net/2013/04/19/one-week-to-go/

Live Stream On PCGames.de

We're going into overdrive next week. Well actually, it already starts tonight. We're doing online coop playthroughs with Youtube channels, independent journalists, and magazines, such as Games.on.net, Kotaku, RedPandaGamer, Jesse Cox, Quill18, DenOfGeek, TotalBiscuit, Gamer.no, Jeuxvideo.com, Angry Joe, Gamespot, GMBox, Kanobu...

We will announce when they're online and here's the first announcement:

We will be playing live with PCGames.de this coming Monday at 17:30 (GMT+1 with daylight saving) 

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