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Original Sin - Update #22, Starting the End-Game

by Myrthos, 2013-04-22 12:47:28

With just $45K (probably includes Paypal) to go to the next stretch goal a new update for Original Sin has been produced. In it two new tiers are announced at $80 and $28 to replace the sold out (or soon to be) tiers of $65 and $25. Furthermore there is a live Let's Play session with Games.de (don't worry it will be in English) at 17.30 CET today. Watch it via their website, via twitch.tv directly or via PCGames.de.

Then there is also a gameplay summary from ForceSC2Strategy.

This game is worth every penny, especially as RPGWatch is in it too. And to make that presence even bigger and help Larian you can throw your money at us or increase your existing donation and also get a digital copy of the game if you make it big enough (to get in the top 20 you need to donate $30 or more). Even if for whatever reason you do not want that, go to their Kickstarter page and throw it at them directly.
Let's make these last 4 days for Larian awesome days. They deserve it. And remember if your payday happens to be after their Kickstarter our campaign for Original Sin is running longer.


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