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Grimoire - Campaign Over. What's Next?

by Myrthos, 2013-04-22 13:43:20

The second campaign for Grimoire is over, taking in only $6,805 out of the asked $25K (the first did a bit over $10K of an asked $250K). As it is a flexible campaign the money goes to Cleve all the same. So unfortunately for Cleve, like before there was no soaring past any number like it was not there, so I hope he isn't stuck with a barn full of crow.

on the bright side it is almost May and he did mention the game would be released in that month.

Thus ends the greatest crowd funding campaign in human history that did not actually meet any of it’s funding goals. I have been filled with renewed vigor by this failure to raise any significant sums of money and am more determined than ever to get Grimoire out as soon as I possibly can.

My original plan to flee with the money to a 3rd world country with weak extradition laws has fallen through after the local dictator has nationalized all foreign accounts. He was particularly outraged to discover my secret Grimoire deposit box only contained a free drink voucher for Chuck E. Cheese and some broken Pez dispensers.

In coming weeks we have three goals :

1. Finish game for release
2. Implement all consolidated pledges from both this and prior campaigns.
3. Start writing manual and hint guide with help of automated tools.
4. Put Grimoire up on Project Greenlight to see if we can get it distributed on Steam.
5. Seek other digital distribution channels for final product. We may consider GOG after the product has been on Steam for a while.

Thanks for all your support and rest assured the overthrow of the forces of decline and fail is close at hand. I am sure many of you know this is shaping up to be a great year for RPGs, possibly the best year they have had since 1992. It is fitting Grimoire will be released in the same year as sequels to classics like Wastelands, Planescape Torment, Might & Magic and many others.

Crowd funding has changed everything in the past 12 months and it has made two things obvious :

1. People like me whining constantly about decline were correct the past 17 years. It was an era of decline.
2. The way things are shaping up, constant decline may become a thing of the past with the creative power shifting into the hands of creators. Incline may once again become a dominant force in the universe. That means you will be able to regularly play computer games that are not a blow to the basic dignity of mankind.

I look forward to the coming years and I expect my fledgling company Golden Era Enterprise to become a real force in the future for quality creative output. I hope you are all going to get at least half of the enjoyment I have been promising from Grimoire when it is released and from the games I still have inside me trying to get out.

Once again, thank you for your support.

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