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Original Sin - Update #27, Secret Stretch Goal Reached

by Myrthos, 2013-04-24 00:44:40

The secret stretch goal for Original Sin at $666,666 has been reached: The Weresheep are added to the game. Here are some details:

Dropping Hints And Picking Them Up

The weresheep are real. We are sure of it. But no one has actually seen one. Or perhaps that should be - no one has ever lived to tell of an encounter with these most bizarre and bloody beasts.

We've been told that to find them, many a hint need to be picked up. Some are so subtle that even a Source Hunter would be forgiven for letting the trail grow cold.


Everybody knows that if you can find a weresheep and kill it in combat, the great prize to be obtained is werewool! Its magical properties allow adventurers to craft weapons, pieces of armour and other items of great and fabled powers. Not to mention they're cosy, snug and warm!

But where to find a weresheep? Perhaps the legend of Falcon Black contains a clue...

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