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Jagged Alliance: Flashback - Update#1, Strategic Level Design and More

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-24 14:36:22

Full Control has their first update for Jagged Alliance: Flashback. The update talks about the strategic side of the game and various other topics.

Strategic Level Design - Base Building, Squads, Map Mechanics

The strategic level in Flashback will in its core work similarly to Jagged Alliance 2 with added base building. 

You have a chessboard like grid on top of the world map, you direct squads of mercenaries freely around on the map and each grid corresponds to an individual level on the tactical side of the game. 


Destructible Environment 

We will definitely have a level of a destructible environment in the core game. This is an essential feature and makes carrying explosives important. It also has an effect on stealth, but that is a feature we will talk about in a later update when we go into combat mechanics. 


New Pledges

We have been asked by many if we could add more pledges in the lower end. So we have added the following pledges to the Kickstarter site. 

We plan to add more later as we go along. If you have great ideas for pledges you want, then don’t hesitate to send us a message. 

$35 Gunnam style Tier: All previous rewards + Digital high quality map of the game world + Digital copy of the Official Soundtrack 

* Limited 100* $85 Umpa Bazooka Tier: All previous rewards + Get to write an enemy response (ONLY THIS TIER)

This is also true for this deal. On the sales of the game past the Kickstarter we have to pay bitComposer for the Jagged Alliance license. This does not apply to your donated Kickstarter money. This will all go into development directly. The deal goes on royalty payments for non-backers who buy the game later


Licensing, Money, bitComposer and what it all means 

There is some confusion about what it means that we have licensed Jagged Alliance from bitComposer. 

A license is a right to use a brand. Its a legal agreement where we (Full Control) get the right to use a brand name (Jagged Alliance) from the license owner (bitComposer).

Licenses could be given to e.g. make a t-shirt, a movie or like in this case - a computer game. 

Getting a license costs us (Full Control) money. It is not free, and there is typically also royalties to be paid. Totally similar to someone making Star Wars themed lunch boxes having to pay a royalty fee for every lunch box sold. 

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