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Witcher 3 - Interview with Pawel Sasko

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-28 00:47:42

Well we have another interview for The Witcher 3 this time from GamingBolt.

Ravi Sinha: Considering the amount of hype that it generated, superseding CD Projekt RED’s other big project Cyberpunk 2077, how did you manage to keep it under wraps for this long?

Paweł Sasko: I work as a game developer and know very little about PR and marketing. We have a small department of dedicated and talented miracle-mongers who know how to do such things. As a complete greenhorn, I can say that the hype generated around Cyberpunk 2077 served well as a distraction.

Thanks to that, we had time to prepare what we needed to confirm what some players had suspected for a long time – that we are creating the next-generation RPG, The Witcher 3.

Ravi Sinha: Considering the sheer scope of the game, it doesn’t seem possible that this will be the end of Geralt’s adventures. As a character, what is it about Geralt that allows for stories like the Witcher 3 to play out? How does he differ from other gaming “heroes”?

Paweł Sasko: Geralt’s legend was planned as a trilogy from the beginning. The story and its coherence are very important for us. We know the games are successful, but continuing this tale would water our initial message.

Ravi Sinha: Any lock on when exactly the Witcher 3 will come out in 2014? And can we expect some gameplay footage at E3 2013?

Paweł Sasko: We have something special planned for E3, so stay tuned.


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