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Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Interview @ GamingNexus

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-29 00:27:08

GamingNexus has an interview with Derek Paxton on Legendary Heroes. A soon to be released stand alone expansion pack for the franchise. 

Can you give us a high level overview of Legendary Heroes?  How does this expansion pack impact the core game?

Fallen Enchantress was well received by fans and reviewers.  Legendary Heroes is our opportunity to provide more depth in the areas players enjoyed, and to smooth off the edges of any parts that were rough.

Overall it changes the hero leveling system, adds a fame mechanic for gaining champions and adds a variety of new monsters, spells and quests.  We have also redone the way tactical combat occurs, adding the swarm mechanic and new special abilities to make the tactics of tactical combat more interesting. 

Why the decision to make this a stand alone expansion pack instead of a traditional expansion pack?  How did you come up with the pricing system for the game

Traditionally expansions require the base game as a pricing mechanism.  Publishers want someone new to the series to pay more than someone who already has the base game.  They don't want to price the expansion at $20 and have someone new to the series be able to pick it up everything for $20.  Likewise they don't want to price the expansion at $40 and have someone who bought the base game have to spend all that money again to get the expansion.  They want both players to have to pay $60.
In the retail world the only way to do that is to have the expansion cost $20 but have it require the base game.  There is no way for the guy at Best Buy to know if you have the base game or not and charge you different prices if you do or don’t.
In the digital world we don't have that problem.  We do know if you have bought the base game or not so we can charge people that already have Fallen Enchantress one price and players that are new to the series another price.
The advantage of that is that we skip all the complexity of games installed on top of games.  It's a headache for us, it’s a headache for our players.  It's a challenge when are patching each game.  Instead it's cleaner to make them separate installs and player can choose if they want to install one or both of them.
Are you at all worried about breaking up your fan base with all of the changes to in the expansion?

Not really.  We have a lot of beta players because we gave a free copy of Fallen Enchantress and Legendary Heroes to anyone who preordered War of Magic.  Add to those all the players that have preordered a copy of the game (which gets them into the Beta) and we have a large community that has been playing and providing feedback.  The overwhelming response is that Fallen Enchantress is a good game and Legendary Heroes makes it even better.

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