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Jagged Alliance: Flashback - Update #5, Story Details and Backer Bonuses

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-30 07:16:16

Full Control has another update for Jagged Alliance: Flashback. This time the update deals with the story

Story Setting 

As you all know by now, the story is set in the late-1980s, on the Caribbean island group of San Christobal and the cold war is coming to an end. 

Following a coup d'état a socialist regime has been established on the island, a change that undermines the U.S. presence in the area. A vigilante Russian General, leading an elite U.S.S.R. military unit, decides to take matters into his own hands and establishes a military base right under the nose of the U.S. Seeing this presence as a potential threat the U.S. sends out order to the CIA to assemble a team of professionals to restore the democratic government on San Christobal and drive out the U.S.S.R. presence, by any means necessary. 

Once you reach the island you discover that something doesn't add up and that there may be more than one reason why the U.S wants to get rid of the crazed General. Suddenly you find yourself faced with some very hard choices - should you continue to fight for the U.S or should YOU decide what the right move should be. No matter what you decide, you’re not interested in a new world war breaking out and you want to make peace on the island. 

The story opens up here where you have to convince old friends and new people to become your trusted allies in the fight for peace on San Christobal. In the classic Jagged Alliance fashion you decide where the story goes from here and where to send your troops. The choice is yours, you can try to convince the Russian forces to join your cause, or if the best approach is to utilize the drug cartels on the island or running a mix of it all - playing every faction against each other.

Story Structure

There will be a Main story - A story filled with twists and turns, where your allies quickly can turn into your worst enemies. The choice of how to solve the conflict with the Russian splinter group is yours, but they are not the only enemy you should fear.

Side and optional missions cover individual background stories for mercenaries - both new and old. How did Ivan leave the Russian army and what made Shadow part ways with the military to become a mercenary? These are all stories we’d like to explore further.

One of the things we really want to do with Flashback is to introduce a varied bunch of enemies. The game is not black and white, east vs. west, there are shades of grey - the russian presence introduces a massive amount of turmoil on San Christobal, and various factions will compete against each other, some more active than others.
Trust will play a central role in the game, because it’s not everybody you can trust, especially the CIA.
It’s entirely up to you how you proceed and portray yourself throughout the game, are you ruthless enough to leave wounded enemies to die or will you be merciful enough to gain the trust of the resistance? 


Flashbacks story is built around an open world where the player can choose to decide his own path through the game. Many of the missions are entirely voluntary, and follows the same design principles as other open and semi-open world games. 

We want to introduce several other factions that the player can choose to do missions for, this in turn will open up a system based on trust - completing missions for some factions will raise their trust, while in turn it will lower your trust with competing factions.

Some factions in Flashback will not participate directly in the events happening on San Christobal but will support one or more factions - or none all-together. 

The major factions of the conflict are; 

Active Factions

Alpha Group, the U.S.S.R special forces splinter group lead by a ruthless hard-line general.
CIA clandestine group.
Resistance force 

Neutral Factions 

Drug Cartel
Local Population

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