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Mars - Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 2013-05-01 23:46:36

Here are some reviews of Mars: War Logs, while ours is being formatted.

Capsule Computers

Despite the quirks and rough coat of paint, Mars: War Logs is still a worthy effort. Anyone who enjoys WRPGs like Mass Effect, The Witcher and Dragon Age will find something to take from here even if it’s all been done before. One thing that surprised me was the almost complete lack of bugs. Normally we find glitches and even game-breaking bugs in AAA titles, but War Logs is almost rock solid.

RPGFan, 70%

There are a few anomalies in the WRPG formula thanks to the game's futuristic setting. Although the technomancer powers may be nearly indistinguishable from magic, money comes in the form of "serum," which is a precious and rare commodity that can be drained from downed human enemies. Doing so kills them, however, which plays into the game's morality system. A few other small details, like the differences crafting makes on a weapon's appearance, made me pause and consider the game with a tad more favor.

Softpedia, 6/10

The Spiders team has managed to create an experience that’s solid in terms of graphics, but it fails to come anywhere near the leader in the field.

There are times when I wished that the team had more resources in order to improve the various textures, make characters more detailed and breathe more life into the Martian scenery that the game explored.

The audio design is also somewhat limited, with some of the voice actors unsuited to their roles and some weird phrasing at times, but the ambient elements, music and sounds are well implemented and manage to infuse the entire story with a sense of place.

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