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RPGWatch Feature: Mars War Logs - Review

by Myrthos, 2013-05-02 23:07:59

The release of Mars War Logs came as a surprise. Shifting the release to an eartlier date and providing little to no marketing in advance must be a new marketing strategy that I haven't seen before.

Anyway, together with the ads campaign we got a review copy from Focus Home International and our new editor Fluent looked into what kind of game Mars War Logs really was and found some serious drawbacks, which he penned down in this review.

Another major disappointment I had was with the story. To put it mildly, “What story?” The game just wanders along without ever having any strong goals or meaningful intentions.  It also feels as though you are rushed along with not enough back-story to let you know what is happening. Many times I felt confused about the names the characters were throwing around, and you are treated as if you know these things well, even though it’s your first or second time hearing about them. The plot is both muddled and confusing, and just not very good.

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