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UFO: Extraterrestrials - Gameplay Movie

by Dhruin, 2006-10-06 01:24:00
A little out of our normal purview but you may recall we have covered the X-Com -inspired UFO: Extraterrestrials before, and Chaos Concepts sent us the following press release and link to a new 15 minute gameplay trailer:
Prague, Czech Republic, UFO-Extraterrestrials for PC is nearing completion.
A new release date of Fall 2006 has been set and a demo video is now
available. Why is this a big deal? Because, the turn-based tactical gaming community is finally getting their Holy Grail, an updated X-Com successor.

The experienced gaming community is no stranger to X-Com, it was 1995's game of the year. Several of the editors at PC Gamer magazine list it among their all time top favorite games. The cult like following of this game has survived for over a decade now. What other game can claim such long lasting effect on the gamers?

Ever since the first X-Com released, gamers have been hungry for more, but have consistently been disappointed by rumors of a new X-Com and sub par clone attempts. Microprose promised a new first person game, then closed shop. Hasbro Interactive promised to pick up the torch and subsequently closed. Then Atari acquired the titles, promised a new game, and then scrapped the plan.

But fear not, developer Chaos Concept has come to the rescue. Since 2002 this first time developer has been quietly working on the true successor to the X-Com universe. Without fanfare or a heavy marketing campaign this title has been coming along very nicely as a labor of love for the lead developer Michal Dolezal.

After many years and heavy pressure from fans to get a playable version, the young developers have shone true maturity and perseverance to do the right thing and release "when it's done". The new release date has been set for Fall 2006.

Now fans can finally see the proof that this game is the true successor to X-Com. A long awaited demo video is being released. Get it here. The video is almost 15 minutes long and give a very good look at what game play will be like. It shows 6 different environments as well as the Geoscape complete with dogfights and soldier equipment load out screens, and all the goodies we have been longing for. The game play visuals will instantly take you back to memories of long nights on your 486-DX, swearing that you will go to bed after just one more turn. The video requires the divx codec which can be downloaded at www.divx.com/divx/windows .

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