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Dark - Preview @ GamingCapacity

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-03 00:42:53

GamingCapacity is the next site to preview Dark.

Are you familiar with the word “Vampire”? If not, then you will be more than familiar with it by the time this preview is over. The word has become something to bring a bitter taste to ones mouth because of certain interpretations (not naming names, but hazard a guess). There are still some gamers recovering from the shocking title Vampire Rain, which are two words that bring a bitter taste to players’ mouths. Never the less, the genre has lost some of its former respect as a medium. Realmforge Studios hopes to change this with their spin on Vampires, the action and stealth RPG, Dark.

Dark centres around a man who wakes up with only one thought in his head, that his name is Eric Bane. Eric was part of a group of M17 agents that were killed during a mission where certain things hit a proverbial fan. Eric awakens to realise he has become a creature of the undead (Vampire), and must drink the blood of an elder vampire in order to stop himself from turning into a blood sucking nosferatu. This isn’t your only primary goal as Eric is tasked with discovering the dark secrets that lie behind the GeoForge Corporation. As if both of these things weren’t enough, during the course of the game Eric will encounter his former employers who are bent on finding the elder vampire for their own reasons and seek to kill Eric. These guys aren’t your only problem since searching for the elder vampire Eric will encounter vampires who wish to protect their elder. The guy REALLY can’t catch a break.

Though the game encourages stealth, it will reward you for whatever play style you tend to favour. With this, your skill tree will advance while it adapts to the way you play. For example, you could favour going in and flailing your fists wildly and the game will say “Yeah, that’s cool, have some more physical skills to play with”, whereas with stealth the game would say “Ooh, stealthy guy, enjoy this stealthy trait”, you get the idea. The game will also incorporate what Realmforge have dubbed as “Blood Vision”, which looks to be a combination of Batman’s Detective Vision, Lara’s Survival Instinct and Assassin’s Creed’s Eagle Vision. This amalgamation of visions will help you track enemies, see important visual cues to progress and just look damn pretty.

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