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Bethsoft: New Game Announcement on Nov 1st

by Dhruin, 2006-10-06 22:59:00
A blog entry at Wired.com apparently reveals Bethesda will make a game announcement on November 1st:
Oh hi! Forgot to mention that I'm in Las Vegas until tomorrow afternoon, at a Bethesda Softworks event. Yes, yes -- they actually invited me back to see their games after the whole Oblivion dustup. Their fans must be shocked right now, reading this.

At any rate, we're getting info on a game that'll be announced on November 1. So please look forward to that date, upon which you will be informed of everything. You'll find out, for example, how I got a thick layer of desert sand all over my white Old Navy shirt. Suspense!
You can decide if the sand is pertinent or not, although according to Gavin 'kathode' Carter, it's not Fallout 3. Thanks, B!

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