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Vanguard - Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Inauro, 2006-10-07 01:18:00

TenTonHammer have put up an interview with Bill Fisher about Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Here's a snippet:

Vanguard TenTonHammer: Many people hope that Vanguard Saga of Heroes can bring back the magic and sheer excitement of EverQuesta "!s dungeons. Peoplea "!s expectations are quite high. What is Sigil doing to put the fun, challenge, and scare-factor back into dungeon design?

Bill Fisher: To put the fun, challenge, and scare-factor back in, we are making our NPCs a bit harder than some people today may be used to. Areas that cause you to bite it if you do not control your situation will be more common in Vanguard.

We will continue to tweak the power of certain types of epic NPC spells that require you to counter or suffer horribly, melee stances that maim and debilitate the players that must be reacted to, the frequency of runners, early runners, and other situations that the players will actually need to pay attention to in the group settings. It is not where we want it yet, but as we continue to dial this in, Ia "!m confident it will reach our intended goal.

We feel that a level of challenge is required for an area to actually be fun long term a  both from an actual combat standpoint and from an overall achievement standpoint.


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