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AO - Lost Eden - Preview @ GamersInfo.net

by Inauro, 2006-10-07 01:33:00

GamersInfo.net send word that they've posted a preview of Lost Eden, the forthcoming expansion pack for Anarchy Online.

Yes, Anarchy Online is going into space. Lost Eden will give new vehicles to Anarchy Online, as well as mechs a yes, the crowd-pleasing walking tanks that everyone loves a and artillery. Youa'll need the mechs in order to damage towers in land based battles and you'll be able to use them on the orbital battlestations, too.

Battlestations are open for fully open PvP based on faction. When one team conquers one, their whole side will gain benefits such as orbital laser strikes.

You'll also be able to board alien motherships, in smaller teams. They wona't be intended for full org raids, but instead for single teams.


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AO - Lost Eden

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