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Jagged Alliance: Flashback - Update #17, Modding Team Expands & More

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-15 00:31:17

Update number 17 of the Jagged Alliance: Flashback kickstater is now available. Not to much new info this time except more tier changes, and a new addition to the team.

Today we’d like to announce that additional modders have joined the modding team! Modders Stan “sbobovyc” Bobovych and bugmonster.

Stan “sbobovyc” Bobovych, the creator of the modtools for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Stan cracked open the code and created tools enabling users to modify Back in Action.

bugmonster from the Russian community, author of the JA2'005 modification for Jagged Alliance 2 who also did some interesting things with 1.13. He will also be one of the first people from the Russian community who’ll be able to confirm that we indeed are not going to discriminate Russians as the evil ones in Flashback ;-)

New Tiers & Tier Changes

We’ve decided to add a new Top Tier and a special unique Tier as well as making a change to the $1200 Tier.

Tier Changes

$1200 Tier will now be:

$1200 So You’re a Bad Guy Tier: For the right price you may just play along, so you get:
All previous rewards + Help co-design an enemy in the game, who can be recruited to your team if persuaded in the right way. (Appearance, Nationality, Gender, Name) (ONLY THIS TIER) Limited (5)

New Special Tiers

$600 Woody Woodpecker Tier: You just can’t enough of all that wood, so you get:
All previous DIGITAL REWARDS + Become a manic woodcutter (Help co-design the woodcutter + co-write 3 responses) Limited (1)

$10000 Oily Business Tier: It’s messy but you’re swimming in black gold, you get:
All previous rewards + Become the Oil Baron of the island (Story NPC) and have your very own small oasis with a deluxe Bedouin Tent, surrounded by oil fields (ONLY THIS TIER) + Have a in-game statue or monument made in your honor and to your likeness + Become an honorary member of the development team and be credited as such with a framed certificate and thank you picture (PHYSICAL) + A very special Thank you in the game credits + 50 extra digital copies of the game. + Top tier forum Badge for the official JAF forum + Gift bag of unique items + Meet and greet, enjoy a day with developers, before the day of the official launch party (which you’re invited to as well (accommodation paid, transport not included)) Limited (1)

On a final note we’ll be making it possible for the ALL DIGITAL $600-$650 Reward Tiers to add the physical add-ons if they please.

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