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Skyrim - Modding Interview

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-20 00:00:55

The official Bethesda Softworks blog has a new interview with Scott Chaunce (aka Soolie). The interview is about his popular Tropical Skyrim mod.

Who helped with the creation of the project?

Originally I planned on creating the entire project myself. However I came across a number of assets created by other modders that were perfect for Tropical Skyrim. So rather than re-inventing the wheel I decided to use the content created by others (with permission of course). However, I did end up modifying most of this content to fit the tropical atmosphere.

You can find a complete list of people who contributed to the project on Tropical Skyrims download page. Nevertheless the main contributors were:

  • Ga-Knomboe Boy, who created most of the trees that were tweaked to fit Tropical Skyrim.
  • Tamira, who adapted a number of plants produced by Yughues to be usable in Skyrim.
  • Muppetpuppet, who allowed me to use some of assets from his Moonpath mod.
  • lookout21, who retextured some of the wild animals for me.

Any plans to continue updates for the mod? If so, can you give us a sneak peak of what you have in store?

YES, I plan to continue updating this mod until I can show it to the most hardcore Skyrim fans without them recognizing a single thing. As of right now I have changed/added the following things since the previous update.

  • Windhelm has been retextured to fit the tropical landscape.
  • Most of the foliage including trees, bushes and grass has been improved. Rather than the foliage being dense and cluttered, it is now slightly more sparse, but also a greater emphasis has been placed on making it look more tropical and lush.
  • The Reach has had a complete makeover; it now features dense cypress trees, which gives it more of a sinister feeling than the other areas.
  • A lot of the meshes and textures have been optimized to improve performance.
  • Most textures have been modified so that they blend together more realistically.
  • New high resolution rock textures.
  • The caves have now been tropicalified (Is this even a word??). They are now a lot more green and mossy. Also, some of the larger trees that block off some sections of the caves have been removed.
  • The distant trees have been significantly improved, (correct lighting, proper sizes, and they don’t look 2D anymore).
  • New high res textures for the distant terrain. In some cases, it looks even better than the close up terrain.
  • A lot of ivy and other small plants have been added to the cliffs and mountains.

Before I release the next update I would also I would also like to replace some of the common sets of armor and weapons found within the game. Let’s be honest… thick fur coats aren’t really the most appropriate apparel for the jungle.

I have also added real 3D clouds to the game which react to the weather and time of the day. Adding a whole new layer of depth and immersion to the world (and also creating some truly majestic views from the mountain tops). It definitely suits the snowy version of Skyrim well, but I’m still thinking about whether it would be as appropriate in a tropical climate. Therefore I will most likely release this as a separate mod

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