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Eschalon: Book 1 - Mini-Update

by Corwin, 2006-10-09 07:39:00

This mini-update was posted in the game's official forums in response to a request of mine for some new information. It looks encouraging.

Our most recent milestone was getting the demo portion of the game finished in time for the IGF submission deadline (September 8th). Since then we’ve been working on:

  • Spell system balancing...after lots of testing, a few spells were deemed “redundant” next to other spells and skills, so both realms of magic got an extensive review. Several spells were added, others removed. The new spell list is more useful now.
  • Skill balancing...Hide in Shadow, Move Silently, Meditation and Survival were all improved or adjusted based on mid-to-high leveled character testing.
  • We improved the blast function which handles the scattering of elements and the concussion radius of explosions. This affects any spell, item or trap that produces an explosion or requires an area or scattering effect.
  • Further code optimizations done to improve load times and performance.

Heading into October and beyond we are going to continue to work on content and balancing. No promises yet on beta testing or the release date, but we are definitely getting closer! Wink I'm sure some new screenshots could be produced in the next fews week as well...

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