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Jagged Alliance: Flashback - Update #23, Call to Arms and I.M.P.

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-21 00:12:03

Jagged Alliance: Flashback has a new update for their kickstarter. The update is basically a call to arms since the project only has three days left.

Call to Arms

We have gotten a lot of questions on what happens if we fail to secure the funds, will you restart the Kickstarter with a lower goal, will you do the game anyways, etc.

We have answered some of these in the comments already, but we just wanted to write it here as well.

We will probably NOT be doing another Kickstarter for JA:F! This one is it. Now or never. That has nothing to do that we don’t believe in the game. We do. There are other reasons.

It is a huge expense and stress factor for us. The JAF team has now worked more or less 8 weeks without a single day off - answering thousands of posts, making 23 updates, doing videos and dioramas, performing interviews, writing (mostly ignored) press releases, hitting every social media outlet we could, participated in forums all over the globe, etc.

So we are giving every last drop of energy in ourselves to push on these last days. We want this to happen just as much as you! But going through all that again is quite a thing I can not bring over my team. They don’t have a problem with crunching at all, but it’d be not fair to expect that from them again and again and again.

With the clock ticking and projections putting us just short of the goal, there is a need for help from you as well, if you are willing to lend that help.

There is a large mass of people on the basic game tier. If you want to see that game getting funded, please consider about sizing up the pledge to get into Beta. Or maybe even Alpha which will get you something playable fast!

Also we’d like to ask you again to spread the word. Poke your friends or older brother and tell them about this project. See if they are interested in supporting this. We will do the same. We’ll continue to ask everyone everywhere. We would make the goal if everyone had just 1 friend buying the basic game tier. Which actually is pretty awesome.

Nothing is lost yet, but we need the ball rolling! Please everyone help!

But what if we still fall short of the goal?

Nothing is decided there yet. The last option would be to go back to bitComposer and talk to them about this project. Tell them that there is still a community out there that wants this game to happen - and that are willing to help, push, pull, contribute - who have their heart at the right place. Maybe they will pull out a checkbook and still let us do the game as described. They once offered the funding, maybe they’ll offer again. The problem is that this would bring us far away from being independent. And that’s a thing we actually want to try to avoid. And if influences became too big, we’d stop negotiations. This might lead to us giving back the license and saying “thank you”.

As a last possible outcome, I have already started talking to my bank about taking a personal loan (The thing is: I finally paid the last one off for my house, but hey, if this game becomes successful, then shall it be that way!). But it puts a huge risk on mine and my families shoulders if even possible to persuade the bank. I am awaiting an answer tomorrow at latest. But I will not be able to fund it all myself to close the gap. But every little sacrifice counts - including mine.

And that should answer the “Will you do it on your own” question. We cannot work for free - we are not a “live in basement on crackers and water” company.

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