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Blackguards - Preview @ Gamestar

by Myrthos, 2013-05-21 13:01:11

Gamestar has penned down a preview of Daedelic's first RPG named Blackguards. The interview is in German, so for those who are challenged when it comes to the German language, you can try this somewhat mediocre translation.

From the conclusion:

I like my role playing story-heavy and my combat turn-based. Insofar BlackGuards meets exactly my taste. In particular, the lovely designed and enormously varied battlefields. Finally also a turn-based game requires me to include the environment as part of my tactics. I'm still a bit skeptic though whether Daedalic can maintain this variety and this pace throughout the entire game or that the majority of battles will just result in 'kill all enemies'. If Daedalic will get this done right and can also provide the usual story quality, Blackgaurds could turn into a surprise hit of the year.


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