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Jagged Alliance: Flashback - " We'll continue to fight until the very last second"

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-22 00:01:08

PCGamesHardware has an interview with Thomas Lund of Full Control about
Jagged Alliance: Flashback.

PCGH: 60 hours days left on the clock and there are still 80.000 US-D missing on Kickstarter - Will Jagged Alliance Flashback happen or not, what's your personal opinion?

Thomas: I have no clue. I hope it happens. That's all I can say. And that we'll continue to fight until the very last second. I mean, Kickstarter is nearly unpredictable. We have seen so many weird things happening on this platform already, it'd be insolent to think someone can say anything for sure.

PCGH: Do you think that the mediocre reception of Jagged Alliance Back in Action affects the success of the JAF kickstarter campaign?

Thomas: Hard to say. It was quite a hard way to convince people that we don't plan to go the route Back in Action has taken. I think we managed that somehow during the campaign. What I think is that it surely didn't help that much. Over all these years the Jagged Alliance community had to deal with several letdowns and troubles in terms of games. So it's quite understandable that those who already suffered from the pain don't want to suffer again and therefore are very skeptical. I can fully understand that but it makes me also sad at the very same time.


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